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Four tips to help you choose the right Vancouver printing company

If choosing a Vancouver printing company seems like a massive chore, these four tips will help you choose one that is a good fit for your needs.


Start with their reputation -- The first place you should start when hiring any new company, including a Vancouver printing company, is their reputation.


This tells you if former clients have been happy with the service they received, and if they would recommend that company to other people who also need printing services.


Check on their customer service -- If you have many print jobs coming up in the future, you will want to choose a company that provides you with a specific account executive to work with on every job.


That executive should be with you through the whole process, including ordering, printing set up, proofreading, personalization and printing.


Ask to speak to the account executive you would be working with, and make sure you like them and that they answer any questions you have in full.


Good quality print work -- While cost is always important, the quality of the print work you have done is also vital. Especially if those printed items will be going to your own clients.


Ask to look at a Vancouver printing company's portfolio. That way you can assess both the quality of the paper they use in their printing work, and the quality of the printing itself.


Is it high quality? Does the paper look as though it will be durable? Is the printing, crisp, clear and legible?


If you choose a Vancouver printing company with poor quality print work, this will reflect badly on you and on your business. That is why paying slightly more for better printing is preferable to cutting corners and then hating the printing the company you choose ultimately produces.

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